Thursday Thoughts


Everybody has their least favorite day of the week. While most are Mondays, mine has been and will always be Thursday. It just feels unnecessary to have one more day holding me back from the freedom that is THE WEEKEND. But then I realized there are also a lot of good things that happen on Thursday. TGIT just for starters which calls for wine, cheese, and take out. Thursday night also feels like you can get drunk and who cares, because most of the time nothing happens at work on Fridays (Unless you work somewhere extremely important then please disregard, only water or sparking soda for you). Another way I can learn to appreciate Thursday? Create a post about it. So Thursday moving forward here will be known as Thursday Thoughts. Whether its books, health, food, family, whatevvver, you’ll find it here on Thursday.

Shall we?


Annual physicals…they can be really good, orrrr really bad. Depending on what happens. You’ll get the “Here’s where you can improve” speech, or the “All good see you next year” from your doctor. I had to get 2 shots and blood drawn today, so I will let you be the judge of my visit. By the way Tetanus Boosters hurt. A lot. So long left arm for a few days. Didn’t it seem as kids we were getting shots all the time? Man I’m so glad this is an every 5 years sort of thing.


Bacon. I really like bacon. However cooking bacon is truly not my forte. Case and point: Last night I was that girl setting off both smoke detectors, burning bacon in her oven at 9pm. Did I mention we have 11ft ceilings? Yeah there was not a chair tall enough or a broom long enough. Apologies to the neighbors downstairs. I did manage to save a few pieces to sprinkle on salads and I guess anything else, since bacon is good with everything.


Training for a 10k can get super boring. Maybe it’s just me but sometimes I’m really bored out there running. One thing that will absolutely change it up for me is the music. Everyone has that one song that when it comes on, it is their JAM. Whether it’s in the car, exercising, cooking, or out at the bar, we all have one. Some of us are even lucky to have multiple. Music has this incredible ability to change your mood. When throwbacks come on I remember all the nights in college, getting ready, drinking $5 tequila (here’s looking at you old mexico brand), and taking absolutely horrendous photos that for sure come back to haunt me (thank you Timehop). When the classics come on like Etta James, Van Morrison or Dean Martin, it reminds me of when I was little and my parents would slow dance in our kitchen after dinner, or the weddings I went to when I was younger. All types of music bring out something, and we should embrace that.


I’ll end this Thursday Thoughts with someone I have been following for a while now. Her name is Juli Bauer. My friend Kayla was the one to introduce me to her. Not literally because she’s way to busy and lives in CO, but through her cookbook and blog. Juli is the creator and author of PaleOMG, a lifestyle blog where she posts recipes, fashion, exercise, and really any and every experience she’s had. What’s better is she is 100% herself. She just made her first podcast and tutorial video and they were great. I aspire to be the person who shares 100% of themselves, regardless of the trolls and people always trying to hold you down. Stay golden Juli Bauer!

Well that does it for this Thursday. Now go get your wine, beer, or whiskey and enjoy tonight! And if water is your thing, you add that extra ice cube girl!




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